Limited Edition Blackout Eclipse Tattoo Machine

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Our limited run of Eclipse Blackout tattoo machines is rare, robust, and ready for tattooing. Eclipse, similarly to our Elite and Limited Edition models, has an aerospace billet-alloy constructed primary frame. The limited run machine has a bold black look that sets it apart from the original Eclipse model.


Like our flagship machines, the Eclipse employs a custom nanotechnology motor, which is reinforced and protected by an injection-moulded fibre motor housing.


Eclipse operates using a broad voltage range, from 4.5v up to 18v. The machine also has a 3.25mm chrome cam, which is interchangeable, allowing artists to choose their stroke length. Additionally, Eclipse bears in mind traditional tattoo needles, and is able to push up to a 45 mag. It works with cartridge needles when used with the appropriate cartridge grip and push bar.

Other Features

Eclipse boasts features you can’t find in our other models, such as a hand-matched medical grade slide, a twin-spring vice grip lock that works with most cartridge grips and tubes, and the motor housing reinforcements mentioned above. It comes with a bar stabilizer so tattooists can adjust the give. Eclipse also comes with our own flex pin system, featuring both rigid and medium configurations; our own custom magnetic allen key driver with keys; and a gold embossed InkJecta card.

Manufactured in Australia

InkJecta is proud to handcraft all machines and technology exclusively in Australia. No outsourcing is involved in the manufacturing process.

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