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Flite X1 Ergo Grip White Delrin

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Our Flite X1 White Delrin Ergo Grip is made from Delrin® acetal homopolymer (Polyoxymethylene POM), a popular substitute for metal that has low friction and high water resistance. You can expect durability with our White Delrin Ergo Grip.


Our Flite X1 Delrin Ergo Grips are designed to be compatible with our Flite X1 Wireless Tattoo Machine. This tattoo grip is also compatible with all major cartridge needle brands.

Other Features

This grip is white in color and feature the script “Flite X1 Ergo” on its body. Ergonomically designed, our White Delrin Ergo Grip fits in your hand like a dream. Its super lightweight 82g body makes is easy to handle.

Manufactured in Australia

InkJecta is proud to handcraft all machines and technology exclusively in Australia. No outsourcing is involved in the manufacturing process.

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