Are the flite v2 and nano parts interchangeable?
Yes all cranks are interchangeable Yes the flex bars from the flite v2 combo are compatible with the flite nano series No the flex bars from the flite v2 vice do not fit the nano series
Does inkjecta make custom machine colours?
Yes from time to time we do custom colours that are generally sold at conventions
Are inkjecta machines covered by warranty?
Yes we cover motor and parts for 12 months from invoice date. Warranty does not include: Dropped machines Incorrectly assembled parts Lost or stolen Disassembled We recommend the following troubleshooting prior to contacting us: Replace rca power cable Try alternative footswitch and power supply Try alternate grips If this fails and you still encounter problems Please email us for assistance
What is the criteria to become sponsored?
Quality of work is the essential ingredient. It is always a good start to already be using our products. We pay particular attention to social media. Hash tagging and posting us gets you noticed. Nine times out of ten we then approach the artist ourselves. Participation at conventions is also highly recommended
What is the difference between the flite nano elite and flite nano lite?
The flite elite has a indication led light fitted the lite does not. The flite elite has vibration bumpers the lite does not. The elite comes with 4 bars being the semi rigid drive and 1 soft 1 medium and 1 hard torsion drive bar. The lite comes with semi rigid bar only. The crank cover on the 2 machines is different. There are more colour ways on the elite than the lite. They both run the same motor and crank length.